Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement of the BAEC

To provide lifelong education and training opportunities for Tsuut’ina Nation citizens of all ages

 As a service program, we are committed to enhancing marketable skills that allows entry into the labour market; this will be accomplished by purchasing skill development programs for individuals or groups, as well as offering services that encourage permanent, sustainable and fulfilling employment.

Vision Statement of the BAEC

Culturally competent 21st-century Tsuut’ina learners that are literate (knowledgeable), ethical (honourable), entrepreneurial (innovative) and engaged

1.  Our present staff have recognized the need to expand our existing BAEC program delivery and services, in order to accommodate all Tsuut’ina students within the community

2.  Our proposed program model seeks to offer a diversified range of services, from academic achievement & upgrading, to job preparation and placement to trades apprenticeship enrollment preparation;

3.  This program model has been designed so that all interested Nation members can benefit from our proposed services

Values Promoted by the BAEC

The delivery of the Tsuu T`ina Bull Head Adult Education Centre program will be rooted in the following values:

1.    Kindness - We are kind, humble to ourselves and others

2.    Respect - We are respectful of ourselves and others

3.    Honesty - We are honest, true and ethical to ourselves and others

4.    Accountable - We are accountable to the Nation, our citizens and our future generations

– We will emphasize and promote respect, fairness, honesty and integrity in our interactions with clientele and their families.

– We will promote programming that will advance common good for the Tsuu T`ina community, maintain family unity and be reflective of the ancestral value system of the Tsuu T`ina life ways.

– We will encourage open communication based in knowledge, wisdom and equity when dealing with agencies whose vested interest is also human and community development.

Traditional Values of the Tsuut'ina Nation

       The Tsuut’ina Board of Education also believes in and is guided by the following seven traditional values:

        Kindness –­ a capacity for caring and desire for harmony and well-being in interpersonal relationships.

        Honesty –­ a necessity to act with the utmost honesty and integrity in all relationships recognizing the inviolable and inherent autonomy, dignity and freedom of oneself and others.

          Sharing – a willingness to relate to one another with an ethic of sharing, generosity and communal consciousness and cooperation, while recognizing the interdependence and inter-relatedness of all life.

        Strength – a consciousness of the need for kindness and respect for the integrity of oneself and others, to exercise strength of character, fortitude and self-­mastery in order to generate and maintain peace, harmony and well-­being within oneself and in the collective community.

        Bravery– the exercise of courage and bravery on the part of the individual, so that the quality of life and inherent autonomy of oneself and others can be exercised in an atmosphere of security, peace, dignity and freedom.

          Wisdom – the respect for that quality of knowing and gift of vision in others (and striving for the same within oneself) that encompasses the holistic view, possesses spiritual quality, and is expressed in the experiential breadth and depth of life.